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Apprenticeships the way forward
Events consultant and organiser Libbie Ray says high-quality education programmes are vital

30 Nov 2018

If the events industry does not focus on training newcomers, it will not be able to retain people and will lose talent to other industries. That’s the view of Libbie Ray, general manager and co-owner of AV24/7.

Ray was also on the TAFE New South Wales and Apprenticeship Support Australia working group to develop an industry traineeship program launched by the Exhibition and Event Association of Australasia.

“With a huge skills shortage in the growing events industry, the development of high-quality education programmes is essential,” she says.

“It is my opinion that a cross-section of quality educational training and on-the-job experience is necessary to produce quality candidates with the base to succeed.

“Without quality training we risk losing the next generation to other industries that have a stronger focus on learning and development.”

Ray says it is important to make sure the industry has a ready supply of trained youngsters equipped to take the industry forward.

More on the training and accreditation debate

“I view education programmes in the form of traineeships as the most effective in our business, giving entry-level candidates the opportunity to have structured and supported vocational learning with on-the-job training.

“In New South Wales we are lucky to have the support of government-funded initiatives to make this possible. The EEAA together with [training provider] TAFE NSW and Apprenticeship Support Australia have championed these initiatives that are now available to the wider events community.”

She adds that there should be “more flexibility around training solutions and more industry input in their development”.

Making the grade: Event industry qualifications


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