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Taiwan: Pacific wonders, dining like a local and rugged scenery
In Motion Asia’s Cam McLean advises groups to explore the East Coast, eat like a local and try teambuilding in the mountains to get the most out of Taiwan

25 Jan 2017

Standout locations
The central Taiwan region of Nantou is awesome with Sun Moon Lake, Cingjing, the Wuling Peak and many other natural attractions. I also really enjoy the south and Kenting area, which is a nice change from the cities..

The East Coast is still like visiting another country compared to Taipei. From a client perspective Taipei for sure is the leading destination in Taiwan and 85 per cent of our programmes and services are delivered in Taipei. Sun Moon Lake would be the next destination if a client wants a location outside Taipei and the short travel logistics works for them. The east coast, Taroko Gorge is great but accessibility and service issues for higher-end clients can make it less appealing.

Winding down with the team
Taipei has an abundance of restaurants covering every food type, but if clients have been sitting in a hotel for a day or two it’s always good to balance their programme with more local, real experiences. So, enjoy dinner near a night market or traditional low-table, local restaurant or head into the nearby mountains and take in the views.

Getting into the mountains is great and Yangmingshan National Park with the lovely scenic hiking, hot springs overlooks Taipei. For further variety there’s the northeast with Shifen, Jiufen and Fulong that have nice local venues. Better still, organise a teambuilding excursion to one of these beautiful locations.

Cam McLean is director of In Motion Asia. He was talking to MIX editor Martin Donovan.

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