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Maximising recognition
BI Worldwide’s David Litteken on how to get the most from staff engagement during incentives

26 Sep 2017

It is important to communciate with those eligible to earn incentive rewards throughout the incentive programme period. Excite them about the destination. Communicate how they are performing. Keep them engaged throughout.

Try these methods to maximise “recognition experience” both during and after an incentive trip:

  • Call out the very best of the best. Instead of providing suites for your executive hosts, why not surprise your top two performers with these treasured rooms? Imagine the buzz this would create during the trip. Other ways to recognise the best of the best include arranging an elite, private reception with the CEO and senior staff, providing unique wearables, and sending elite sales performers special gifts prior to the incentive trip.
  • Help visualise the achievers’ success in the months following the incentive trip. Look for ways to keep those memories fresh in the minds of your top performers to invigorate their efforts.
  • Your top performers can be key role models to others in the organisation. Share their ideas and best practices with the full commercial team. This furthers their recognition and places them as expert advisors in your business. These efforts can motivate the rest of the organisation to achieve greater sales heights, and further the efforts to retain top talent.

This is an extract from our Spotlight feature on motivation in the Oct-Nov issue of MIX. You can read more of the feature here

David Litteken is vice president BI Worldwide’s Asia Pacific region

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