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3 ways to maximise wifi use at events
Alex Yakubov gives guiding principles on keeping attendees happy by harnessing cyber power

5 Sep 2017

Venue… check. Guest list… check. F&B… check. So many elements go into creating a memorable event. Ironic then, that the most critical component is one that guests shouldn't even notice.

We’re talking, of course, about your event’s wifi. When properly configured, temporary wifi can quietly carry your event to the next level – enhancing the experience, elevating your brand and setting you up for continued success. Here are three principles to remember about that all important detail of your event.

1. Delegates love it
Been staring at your phone anywhere fun last weekend? It's a joke, but it's ironic because it contains a kernel of truth: the average person spends over four hours a day on their smartphone.

A lot of this phone gazing happens at events. A colleague hasn't arrived yet? Text them. Everyone is here and the team is having the time of their lives? Capture it and post it on social media. Well-configured event wifi ensures that text messages are delivered and Instagrams are shared on the first attempt, gaining an immediate response.

2. It's another marketing opportunity
Whether celebrating a product launch or a season premiere, you’re partying with a purpose. Your event is itself an advertisement and its WiFi offers another level of marketing opportunities.

Before attendees do anything, prompt them to access event wifi through a branded splash page. Whether you slap your company logo on the portal or rent it to sponsors as advertising space, a branded portal is the rare format that yields a 100 per cent impression rate.

Create a custom hashtag and encourage delegates to use it by supporting social media posts with seamless wifi.

3. It's the gift that keeps giving
The party may be over, but the benefits of properly configured event wifi live on. The images of guests enjoying themselves at your awesome event remain on the internet, generating interest in your brand as you move onto your next venture.

More party, less planning! Find and establish a relationship with a trusted temporary wifi team now and you'll have one less thing to worry about when preparing for the next event.

You put a lot of serious thought and hard work into planning events. Properly configured event wifi ensures that it's appreciated, documented and broadcast for all to see.

Alex Yakubov is senior wireless specialist at Made By Wifi

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